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Friday, January 28, 2011

Whine, whine, whine

Tonight I just have to whine. Whine! I am so tired of fibro pain today. The unrelenting pain in my shoulders, the knee pain, the electrical shock like pains in my left foot, this just plain bites! How will I deal with this? Well, after a little while, I will down some muscle relaxer, a vicodin or two and take a hot shower to hopefully allow for some relaxation and tension relief. I will try and lose myself in TV, maybe get my IPOD out for some relaxing Christian music or pray. But . . .

It is Friday night. I long to do something different. A change to the routine, the routine that my body in it's state of pain craves. Not so long ago my husband and I always went out with friends, to dinner and sometimes for a drink. I can not remember the last time we did something like this. Right now, my hubby is at work, getting some paperwork done, knowing that I am in pain and trying to rest. He is a wonderful man, so considerate and loving. He gets the fibro world that I am trapped in.

Fibro world is not like Disney World. There is no fun involved, however it feels like I have been standing for hours in line waiting for my turn on a ride. Fibro world means pain, pain, pain with fatigue and some sprinkling of other conditions and variations of types of pain. What would I name a ride if I could? The twist and pull. That pretty much sums up my neck and shoulders tonight.

I want to leave fibro world. For 15 years I have been a resident, living with a myriad of symptoms, visiting a plethora of doctors and downing hundreds of pills. Not only is fibro world not a fun place to visit, it is very expensive! You take people with you at the start but it is quite common to lose friends and family along the way. That hurts the most.

I am going now to take the meds, stand in the shower under the hot spray and pray for relief. How are you feeling tonight? I pray you are not a visitor to fibro world.

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  1. I too have been in fibro world for 15 years. And, though it's no fun, I enjoy the fibrofolks like you that I get to know.

    I appreciate your honest explanation of what fibro feels like... beyond the pain and fatigue.