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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Supplement Update

I am posting this update to my previous post on supplements that I am currently taking. Here goes:

Non-odorous garlic: still taking
Royal Jelly: ran out but I think it was an energy booster
Cherry juice: too acidic, had to stop
CoEnzymeQ10: too acidic, had to stop
Vitamin D: still taking
Olive Leaf: still taking but not noticing any effects

I am planning on replenishing my supply of Royal Jelly Bee Pollen.

Now, a little more on this subject of supplements, especially vitamin D. I have been reading some comments on facebook that the user states pain relief from taking vitamin D. I have been taking this for years and have never noticed any amount of relief from my pain or muscle cramping. I fear we in the fibro community are in danger of falling for claims on supplements as we are vulnerable to Big Pharma for new drugs. I wish it were as simple as swallowing a handful of meds and vitamins/herbs but it is not. Fibromyalgia is so complicated, so insidious that what works for one does not work for another or stops working altogether. I am becoming more and more convinced that we are just beginning to understand fibro and it will take a commitment from those of us who suffer to guard ourselves from chasing "cures". There are many snake oil salesmen out there plying their claims of cures, relief and pain-free promises. We must not fall for this anymore. We must insist on real studies and real research. Only our community can band together and ignore these con artists and push the medical field to what we all want, a real understanding of the mechanism behind fibromyalgia. Yes, I will continue to try a supplement here and there but only after researching the product for myself. Continue the fight fellow fibromites!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Supplements that I am trying.

I have been on a quest to try some new supplements. I have added the following:

Olive Leaf
Vitamin D
Cherry juice
Non-odorous garlic
Royal Jelly Bee Pollen

Quite the list so far, lol. Of the group the cherry juice was the most expensive. Here is where I am with the results:

Olive leaf: started 2 weeks ago
CoEnzymeQ10: this is in orange extract and is a bit acidic
Vitamin D: this I have been taking for awhile
Cherry juice: I have to cut this with water and it is VERY sour.
Non-odorous garlic: it really is
Royal Jelly Bee Pollen: capsule form

I have decided to keep taking the Olive Leaf, CoEnzymeQ10 since I just started them.
The vitamin D is for low D blood level. I am not going to keep the cherry juice. I have noticed no results and it is pricey. I am keeping the garlic.

The best of the group is the Royal Jelly Bee Pollen. It really has increased my energy level a bit and that is wonderful! I highly recommend this product. If anyone needs specifics, leave a comment and I will post a follow-up to this entry.

I am posting to try and help others in the quest to restore their health. Some of the claims are hype but some do seem to help. I would appreciate comments on what you have tried and how it worked for you. Until next time!