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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why I am giving

Believe it or not, Christmas decor is now available in retail stores! What happened to waiting after Thanksgiving? Now I know stores need business but, really? But this is not why I am blogging today.

I am giving, giving of myself and my money. I did something similar but I was really influenced by a post over at Christian Personal Finance. He is writing about a "Ten Day Give". You can view this at It is a great read.

Yes, I am finding ways to give, even though I am physically limited by my arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am concentrating on encouraging my husband, my kids and others. I can write e-mails and make phone calls. I am also utilizing money as a blessing and that brings me back to my opening statement on Christmas. You see, my husband and I will be exchanging one gift at Christmas. The money we would have used will be going to two of our charities, Gospel for Asia and the Salvation Army (local). Gospel for Asia equips native missionaries in the 10/40 window in Asia (India for example). We will be purchasing items from the Christmas brochure such as items for the poor (blankets, chickens, solar lights, tools, bibles, etc) and items for the missionaries (clothing, literature, bibles, bicycles etc.). The Salvation Army in my town helps the poor, conducts services, has a food pantry and conducts meetings for AA). I will be writing down what we are doing and put it in an envelope we can open on Christmas day. I believe we will enjoy reading that list much more than any gifts we may have received.

Accept this challenge to make a difference. What can you do?


  1. I'm giving to St. Jude's hospital in the name of a friend who already has enough "stuff."
    I'm giving to Heifer International for a few other friends and relatives.
    Both organizations offer help where it's truly needed -- and help that can make a difference.

  2. Hi,

    I work with a doctor named Bill Rawls in North Carolina who has recently written a book about his struggle with fibromyalgia/CFS called "Suffered Long Enough." He is a traditionally trained physician, but found the medical community's treatments for his illness lacking, so he developed his own. Would you possibly be interested in writing something about the book on your blog? I'd love to give you an advanced copy if you're interested. It's out November 10.

    Thanks so much for your time.


    Alex Granados