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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Supplements that I am trying.

I have been on a quest to try some new supplements. I have added the following:

Olive Leaf
Vitamin D
Cherry juice
Non-odorous garlic
Royal Jelly Bee Pollen

Quite the list so far, lol. Of the group the cherry juice was the most expensive. Here is where I am with the results:

Olive leaf: started 2 weeks ago
CoEnzymeQ10: this is in orange extract and is a bit acidic
Vitamin D: this I have been taking for awhile
Cherry juice: I have to cut this with water and it is VERY sour.
Non-odorous garlic: it really is
Royal Jelly Bee Pollen: capsule form

I have decided to keep taking the Olive Leaf, CoEnzymeQ10 since I just started them.
The vitamin D is for low D blood level. I am not going to keep the cherry juice. I have noticed no results and it is pricey. I am keeping the garlic.

The best of the group is the Royal Jelly Bee Pollen. It really has increased my energy level a bit and that is wonderful! I highly recommend this product. If anyone needs specifics, leave a comment and I will post a follow-up to this entry.

I am posting to try and help others in the quest to restore their health. Some of the claims are hype but some do seem to help. I would appreciate comments on what you have tried and how it worked for you. Until next time!

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