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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today I was reminded how vitally important humor is in life, especially when you are chronically ill and in pain. I spent part of the day with my sister, shopping and having lunch. This was the first excursion since my knee surgery on December 21. Now, my sister is an aggressive driver to say the least. Scary is a better word! Combine that with our usual banter of teasing, coffee at Barnes and Noble and me standing forever while she tried on ten pairs of jeans (!) it was a great afternoon. I laughed more this afternoon than I have in weeks. Then, this evening, on facebook began an exchange on a friend's post. The exchanges became funnier and funnier. At one point I was laughing with tears in my eyes. At that moment I noticed how relaxed and happy I felt. Was I out of pain? No. However, I still a sense of well-being. It was at that moment that I really appreciated my sister and my facebook friends. It is these connections that keep us sane, keep us human, and sometimes keep us from suicide. Now if that sounds extreme, well you have never known the loneliness and pain of chronic illness and pain. I speak the truth here, painfully, but the truth nevertheless. One thing I know, the next time I think about canceling time with my sister, friends, or sisters on facebook, well I will remember this feeling that I am experiencing right now. Will that always work? No. Sometimes the pain and fatigue are too great. But, sometimes it will work and that, well that, will be a little slice of heaven.

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