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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fibroland, a tour!

I am still in Fibroland, that wonderful place where all fibromites go when they are flaring. It is a journey that is never planned, never anticipated and never welcomed. I thought you might like a tour.

The entrance is surrounded with a fog that varies from just a mist to pea soup consistency. This makes it very difficult to navigate at times, not that it is easy to navigate in a flair anyway! The price of the ticket is very high. It is not mere currency. The cost is the sapping of your energy, the blurring of your mind, the pain surging throughout the body and the isolation that comes only with a chronic illness that is in an exacerbation phase.

Now you are through the gate and ready to see the layout of Fibroland. It is a bleak and desolate looking place. Oh, there are rides, but they have long lines and when you finally get to the ride itself it is often slow, fatiguing and exhausting.

When all that specialness is over with it is time to grab some refreshment. The menu consists of the following array of delightful items to choose from including: dizziness, IBS, migraines, spasms, muscle twitches and spastic bladder. For dessert you can sample from: headaches, morning stiffness, sleep disorders and vision disturbances.

On to the souvenir booths we find so many things to take home with us like: widespread all-over pain, fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, pelvic pain and depression.

The main problem is that by the time you have gotten over all of Fibroland, you are exhausted. You are ready to leave, but you can't. You can't until you find a way to get yourself to the first aid station. There you will find stress relief, massage, medications, and understanding. When you can find the station, then you will be able to leave Fibroland and never a moment too soon!

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