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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Managing money for Christ

Today I finally felt pretty good. I cleaned the bathroom (gross), my knee felt okay and I threw in a load of laundry. After that was accomplished I sat down to get back to my Bible study I am doing with some ladies from my church. After finishing the study, I picked up a notebook I had with me while on vacation in New Jersey. As I thumbed through it I was caught off guard. In the pages were notes I took from a book called "Radical". It is new out in paperback and it is very convicting, that is for sure. I scanned each page and looked over the promises I had made:

1. Read "Operation World" and pray for a different country every day.

2. Place the Bible in a superior position in my life.

3. Not give - sacrifice! This step is not meant to be easy.

a. cap my lifestyle
b. pare down belongings
c. sacrifice belongings for others if called to do so.
d. postpone purchases
e. give beyond my ability
f. spend money on things that are gospel centered
g. give in a way that is church focused
h. give to a specific tangible need
i. give to someone or something you can trust
j. sacrifice every possible dollar

4. Radical in my going!

a. vacation bible school
b. reading to nursing home residents
c. pray and wait for other opportunities

5. Join my church and tithe

I am so sad to say I have done none of these things, however, I am going to start now. I will be writing on my progress in the future.

For more information go to I was not compensated for this endorsement of the book or its contents. Just lead by God's Spirit.

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